Reasons to Join

It’s all about making health insurance convenient, quick and easy! There are many reasons to join HCi…

HCi prides itself on providing a high level of personal service to members and a comprehensive range of health insurance options at very competitive rates. HCi is a not-for-profit health insurer and is all about our members.

HCi understands the stresses of everyday life and can assist by carrying the burden of your health care costs.

Extras cover helps you with every day services like dental, optical, physio, acupuncture, chiro and many more wellness services – keeping you happy, healthy and worry free. HCi is your ticket to being well, being covered and being well covered.

Hospital cover is there for your peace of mind – knowing that we’ve got your back when you need to focus on your health.

Natural Therapy

HCi extras cover a wide range of natural therapies including:


Chinese medicine (Consultation only)






Osteopathy Massage

HCi recommends you carefully read all documentation provided about your membership and retain for future reference. When changes occur, HCi will advise you as soon as possible.

By joining HCi, you can access extras cover that includes the following features:

Accommodation Cover

Up to 100% of hospital accommodation costs and theatre fees in all contracted hospitals and day surgery facilities in Australia.

Private room accommodation (if available)


Dental theatre costs for surgical tooth extraction by an oral surgeon.


Up to 100% of the cost of surgically implanted prostheses (as listed by the Federal Government).


Up to 100% of the cost of medical services provided during a hospital admission where the doctor charges above the Commonwealth Medical Benefit Scheme (CMBS) fee and chooses to use Access Gap Cover.

Gap cover

100% of the cost of the difference between the Medicare refund and the Commonwealth Medical Benefit Scheme (CMBS) fee for medical services provided during a hospital admission.


Up to 100% of the cost of most hospital prescriptions relating to the admission. (Subject to hospital agreement details).

Become a Member

We want to make sure you get all the assistance you need in choosing the right health insurance, please contact one of our friendly staff or you can download the HCi Guide to Cover.

The HCi Guide to Cover provides a summary of HCi’s rules and policies, and has been designed to clearly explain many of the entitlements and benefits available to you as a member.