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HCi ambulance cover across Australia

28 February 2024


Unfortunately Medicare does not cover ambulance costs or other emergency transport expenses.  These can be very expensive services to use, especially if you live in a rural or remote area, so its important to understand if you are covered for emergency ambulance services before you may need to use them.  Ambulance cover ensures you’re not out of pocket financially in the unfortunate case of an emergency where you need ambulance services.

Each Australian state and territory manages their own ambulance scheme and the rules are different depending on where you live.  Different rules may also apply for using ambulance services in your home state and when you are travelling interstate.  The Australian Government provides a summary of ambulance cover arrangements for each state and territory on their website

Paramedics helping an emergency patient beside an ambulance - understand ambulance cover across Australia » HCi

Depending on your state and your policy type, HCi members are covered˜ for approved emergency ambulance services^, with no annual limit, or we may cover some/all of the cost of approved private ambulance subscriptions (these are only available in some Australian states).  Private/state based ambulance subscriptions are often worth considering as they may also cover non-emergency ambulance services not provided by private health insurers.

HCi provides cover to eligible members for emergency ambulance road transport and on-the-spot emergency treatment from HCi recognised ambulance service providers* unless you are eligible to claim it from another source, such as through a state paid service (including for concession card holders), a private/state based ambulance subscription or via a compensation claim.

HCi member eligibility is generally determined by the state in which you normally live, and the type of cover you have with us, as summarised in the following table.

Ambulance cover arrangements in Australian states:

State or Territory you usually live in

HCi policies which include emergency ambulance cover Australia wide

All states and territories Members must have an Healthy extras or Premier extras policy (includes combined hospital & extras policies)
NSW/ACT Members must have a Bronze Plus, Silver Plus or Gold hospital policy (includes combined hospital & extras policies)

You should ensure you understand whether you have the appropriate level of cover that ensures you are covered for emergency ambulance services, if you think you need them – it can be complex.

Don’t forget you can always contact us to confirm if you are covered for emergency ambulance and the rules for ambulance cover benefits, including benefits relating to subscription costs for approved ambulance subscription services. 


Ambulance driving along an Australian city street - can be costly without a subscription or ambulance cover » HCi

* Any ambulance called via 000 or by the hospital or other approved medical facility (such as a medical centre or clinic) is automatically an HCi recognised ambulance service provider.
˜ Waiting periods apply.  Check your product summary or your Online Member Services (OMS) portal for details.
^ Non-emergency ambulance trips (such as hospital transfers), air/water ambulance services, and search and rescue operations are not covered.

HCi used its best endeavours to ensure this information was accurate at the time of publication. From time to time, circumstances relating to the subject matter may change which may impact the accuracy of the information. This information is also general in nature and does not take into account any specific health or financial situation. Before making any decisions in relation to this information, you should consider your own financial and health situation and seek professional advice. Health Care Insurance Ltd ABN 43 009 579 088. A Registered Private Health Insurer.

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