The following factsheets are to help you stay informed about health insurance.

If you have any further questions after reading our health insurance factsheets, or have suggestions for new factsheets, please contact us via HCi Chat, email or phone.

We will continue to add factsheets to help you with your health insurance needs, so remember to come back now and again!

Health insurance
  • Who can you add as dependants?

    Your HCi policy can include your dependants – find out who that includes

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  • Why have health insurance

    Private health insurance offers you peace of mind, potential tax savings and, frequently, earlier treatment.

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  • Outpatients and Medicare

    Find out the fee difference for outpatients and inpatients, and who pays for what.

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  • Public hospitals

    If admitted in a public hospital, you may be asked if you want to be a private or public patient.

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  • What is the (medical) Gap?

    When being admitted into hospital, you are likely to hear about “gap fees” or out-of-pocket expenses, and it’s important to understand what this means.

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  • Cooling off periods

    With a 30 day cooling off period, new members with no claims within 30 days of commencing their cover may cancel and receive full refund of contributions paid.

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  • Informed financial consent

    Before agreeing to surgery and procedures, you may be asked to sign a letter of informed financial consent. Make sure you know what that means.

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  • Understanding your annual private health insurance tax statement

    Each year  we prepare a tax statement for you to help with your tax return. We explain what it is and how you can use it in our factsheet.

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Health services
  • Physio, chiro or osteo?

    When suffering aches and pains, recovering from injury, or having problems with movement or mobility, physio, chiro or osteo can help.

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  • Understanding doctors bills

    Doctors will generally bill you for their services. Our factsheet will help you understand how this works.

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