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Understanding your annual private health tax statement

current June 2022

Each financial year we produce a Private Health Tax Statement for HCi members to use in their annual income tax returns to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). 

If you’re required to submit a tax return to the ATO, we’ll send all of the relevant data you need for your tax return directly to the ATO for you, generally in the first week of July each year. 

You can also find a copy of your HCi Tax Statement in HCi’s OMS or you can call us on 1800 804 950 or email us to request a copy for your records.

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Understanding your tax statement

The content and format of the Tax Statement can be confusing.  As it is prescribed by law, the statement can’t be changed by HCi, other than to populate the required fields with the information you need to complete your tax return.

For the relevant financial year, your Tax Statement outlines, :

  • The premiums you have paid to HCi that are eligible for the Australian Government Rebate,
  • The amount of Rebate you received (if any),
  • Details of any other eligible adults who were on your policy at any point (for example your partner), and
  • The number of days you held appropriate private hospital cover during the financial year (this helps determine if you have to pay an extra Medicare Levy Surcharge)

Finding your Private Health Tax Statement

Want to see your statement or get a copy for your tax records? It’s easy!

An orange tick of approval  Log into OMS and select Useful Tools > Tax Statement to retrieve your Tax Statement

An orange tick of approval  Log into your ATO MyTax portal

An orange tick of approval  Ask your tax agent, if you have one


HCi used its best endeavours to ensure this information was accurate at the time of publication. From time to time, circumstances relating to the subject matter may change which may impact the accuracy of the information. This information is also general in nature and does not take into account any specific health or financial situation. Before making any decisions in relation to this information, you should consider your own financial and health situation and seek professional advice. Health Care Insurance Ltd ABN 43 009 579 088. A Registered Private Health Insurer.

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