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Weight loss support from HCi

July 2023

Maintaining good health is an important part of living you best life, and at HCi, we want to help you live well.

There are many ways, big and small, to maintain and build our health. And various studies have shown that keeping a healthy weight has numerous benefits to our health.

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Weight loss

Maintaining a healthy weight can prevent and control many diseases and health conditions. While it’s often easier said than done, reducing weight when you are overweight or obese can

  • reduce your risk of serious health issues like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gall stones, gout, arthritis, kidney disease, breathing problems and certain cancers
  • increase your energy for daily life
  • increase your self-esteem and happiness, and generally help your mental health
  • better manage any chronic conditions
  • increase your life expectancy

Your weight is affected by your age, genetics, metabolism, gender, environment, behaviour and habits.

HCi weight loss support

If your doctor has been recommending you lose weight, HCi is ready to help in your weight loss journey.

Some HCi extras cover includes reimbursements for educational programs designed to help you lose weight and change habits to maintain weight loss. If eligible, you can access these programs without certification from a doctor and without having to meet any weight or BMI criteria. HCi also covers Gold  hospital members for weight loss surgery.

What weight loss programs are eligible for HCi support?

HCi will only pay claims for weight loss programs that meet the following criteria.

  1. registered in Australia
  2. face to face or online sessions
  3. a whole person program – not just exercise or diet
  4. backed by medical support

We suggest that before you start any weight loss program, you contact us to check if a program meets these criteria and is included in your HCi cover.

 Note that HCi does not cover weight loss consumables such as shakes, meals or supplements.

HCi makes extras claims easy!

Scan your membership card at  the provider's electronic claiming machine, OR

Download the HCi claiming app - upload image or pdf of the receipt(s) - submit, OR

Complete a claims form and send to us with a copy of the receipt(s)


HCi used its best endeavours to ensure this information was accurate at the time of publication. From time to time, circumstances relating to the subject matter may change which may impact the accuracy of the information. This information is also general in nature and does not take into account any specific health or financial situation. Before making any decisions in relation to this information, you should consider your own financial and health situation and seek professional advice. Health Care Insurance Ltd ABN 43 009 579 088. A Registered Private Health Insurer.

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