COVID-19 support for HCi members

Feb 25, 2022HCi news

As a member-owned, not-for-profit health fund, HCi members are at the forefront of our thinking at all times.

When the pandemic first started to unfold in early 2020, our first focus was to support HCi members financially by putting premium increases on hold and offering membership suspensions where needed for financial hardship relief.

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So far, HCi has invested in a range of support measures for our members including:

  • Putting 1 April 2020 premium increases on hold for 6 months,
  • Ensuring all HCi members with hospital cover were covered for COVID-19 related hospitalisations – regardless of their level of hospital cover, or which hospital they were admitted to,
  • Making additional premium relief available to eligible members experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19,
  • Introducing benefits for a wide range of telehealth extras services for eligible extras members, and
  • Helping cover some of the costs of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) where members are required to pay for these themselves.

Additionally, in February 2022, we announced our lowest average premium increase in more than 20 years – in fact this was the lowest average increase of all private health insurers in Australia

HCi has not – and will not – profit from the pandemic, whether from delayed hospitalisations, or an inability of members to access treatment due to lockdowns in some regions throughout Australia.  We continue to support our members during this difficult period and anticipate being able to return even further value to members over the coming 12 months.

Our vision is to make health insurance understandable, affordable and high quality.  We do this by continuing to provide personalised service to our members, providing the best product benefits we can, and keeping premiums as low as possible.

As part of a member-owned, not-for-profit health fund, HCi members can rest assured knowing every decision we make is for them, providing important peace of mind that we’ll be there when you need us most.