HCi Giveback premium payments

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we made a promise to return to eligible HCi members the benefit of “savings” made as a result of lower than expected healthcare claims.  Now we’re fulfilling that promise with the HCi Giveback.


HCi GIVEBACK ~ May 2023 premium payments

We’re keeping our promise to HCi members, and will be returning more than $2 million in claim savings as a payment of premiums directly to eligible HCi members policies from mid-May 2023.

Eligible HCi members are those who joined HCi and commenced their health insurance policy on or before 31 December 2022, and who are also current at the time we process the HCi Giveback premium to member policies.

How will the HCi Giveback work?

The HCi Giveback premium payment will be processed directly to eligible member policies as a payment of their health insurance premiums.  That means we’re covering the cost of your health insurance premiums for a period of time.

HCi Giveback premium payments are calculated based on the level of cover held when we process the Giveback premium payments to members’ policies:

  • one month’s premium payment for members with Hospital only cover or Hospital and Extras cover, or
  • two weeks’ premium payment for members with Extras only cover.

What do I need to do?

If you’re eligible for an HCi Giveback premium payment, you don’t need to do anything – we’ll be processing these transactions in mid to late May 2023 for all eligible HCi members.  For most members, it means they will see a reduction in the premiums they would normally pay in their next scheduled payment (after we complete the transaction).

medical receptionist giving back a payment and receipt to a patient » HCiThe exact transaction date may vary between individual members. When members see the impact on premiums will depend on their selected payment mode, frequency and cycle as outlined below.

Direct debit

Any direct debit premiums due prior to 22 May 2023 will proceed as usual.  Your first direct debit after 22 May 2023 will be automatically reduced by the HCi Giveback premium applied to your HCi policy. Direct debit dates and schedules will not be affected, including for those with quarterly or annual payment cycles.

Manual payments

If you receive an invoice from us, invoices issued after 23 May 2023 will automatically be reduced and show a credit in the opening balance row (so you will have a lower amount to pay for that invoice).

Payroll deduction

HCi is not able to change amounts deducted from your pay by an employer.  Therefore, please talk to your employer’s payroll team if you wish to adjust your next pay deduction for your health insurance premiums.


Helpful tip

Remember – it is a condition of membership that your HCi premiums are paid at least two (2) weeks in advance.  Your claims may not be able to be paid to you if your policy is not paid up in advance at the time you submit a claim.


// Mobile App

HCi Claiming App

The HCi claiming phone app allows you to easily claim through the use of your smart phone.

Download the app and, when you need to claim, simply take a photo of your service provider’s receipts. Your claim will then be submitted electronically.