HCi payment options

How to make your payments to HCi

Your premiums for your cover are required to be paid at least 14 days in advance. You can pay up to a maximum of 13 months in advance if you wish. Having your cover paid at least 14 days in advance is the best way to ensure that we can pay any health insurance claims to you promptly when they occur.

HCi makes paying your premiums easy – we have a range of payment options to choose from to help you keep your health cover up to date:

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HCi OMS (Online Member Services) logo on an orange background


Login to our online member services (OMS) portal and click ‘Make a Payment’. You can make secure one-off payments via credit card, or set up a permanent direct debit for regular, automatic payments.

Direct debit/ direct credit

You can set up regular direct debit arrangements from your credit card or banking account, which can save you the time and hassle of remembering to pay your premiums on time.
Your payments can be yearly, half yearly, quarterly, monthly or fortnightly , and you can change your frequency whenever you like.
Log in to OMS to set up direct debit arrangements, or complete and submit our payment options form and we can do it for you.

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With BPAY you can easily control your payments via your own online banking arrangements, whether it’s a one-off payment, or setting up a recurring BPAY for regular, automatic payments.
Our BPAY billing code is 102459. Just log in to OMS or call us to get your Client Reference Number (CRN) before you make your first BPAY payment.

Over the phone

Just call us on 1800 804 950 during business hours to make a secure credit card payment over the phone.

Payroll deduction

If your employer allows it, you can make your premiums via regular payroll deduction, and have your premiums paid directly to us from your wages/salary.

Payment form

You can download our payments form at any time, complete it and mail or email it to us. Payment can then be made by cheque or EFT.

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