HCi members may be eligible to get a rebate on the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, a 12 week diet program based on science and created by Australian scientists. 

The CSIRO total wellbeing and weight loss program

Did you know that the proportion of overweight or obese Australian adults increased by 10% from 1995 to 2018*? By 2017-18, 67% of us were officially overweight or obese, along with about 25% of our children*. With that weight comes the added risk of various diseases and conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, back issues, dementia and cardiovascular disease.

But the good news is that losing even a few kilos can improve your health. And it is possible to acheive and maintain that weight loss.

The CSIRO 12 week program is a high protein, low GI diet combined with powerful online tools to empower you to effectively lose weight. Over the program, you will develop healthier eating  and lifestyle habits that can result in long-term weight management and an overall healthier life.

In order to help our members be their healthiest selves, we have partnered with CSIRO to offer our members rebated access to this scientifically based program.

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HCi » HCi's leaf icon with a green background What is the 12 week program?

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is a scientific approach to weight loss which combines delicious high protein meal plans with powerful online tracking tools.

While the diet is sustainable long term, the 12 Week Program is the best place to start if you want to lose weight quickly but sustainably. The 12 Week Program includes access to various health condition-specific programs for no extra charge.

As part of the plan, you will get

  • thousands of delicious, simple meal plans suitable for singles and families
  • at-home exercise plans for all fitness levels
  • a mobile app and tracking tools to monitor your success
  • access to a supportive community to keep you motivated

A 2019 study of participants in the 12 week program showed that

  • even a 5% reduction in body weight can signficantly reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, some cancers and type 2 diabetes
  • for people who completed the 12 weeks, an average of 5.3% body weight was lost
  • average weight loss increased to 7.1% for those who actively engaged with the online tools

HCi » HCi's leaf icon with a green background How do I access the HCi & CSIRO total wellbeing program?

It’s easy! Just visit the CSIRO total wellbeing site and register for the program that suits you.

You can choose to pay up front or via monthly instalments, and grab additional extras like personal coaching and the cookbook. There’s even a three day tester option if you want to ‘try before you buy’!

Once you have registered, you will receive access to the program. You will complete some details about yourself and your weight loss goals in order to get a personalised program.

HCi » HCi's leaf icon with a green background What will it cost me?

The 12 week program costs $199 to register. You can choose to pay more for meal replacement and coaching options.

Simply provide the CSIRO invoice to us via our claiming app or with a claiming form. We will reimburse eligble members up to $150 (Premier Extras) or $100 (Helathy Extras).

HCi » HCi's leaf icon with a green background Am I eligible for the HCi rebate?

To be eligible to claim the program through HCi, you need to hold HCi Premier Extras or HCi Healthy Extras cover and not have exceeded your annual “life choices” cap.


* Data sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Note that their national health survey in 2020-21 did not include weight measurements due to restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic so 2017-18 is the most recent data currently available.

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