What are some simple tips to improve overall health and wellbeing?

Jan 8, 2020Being healthy, Uncategorized

We are getting to that time of year where people begin to think about their new year’s resolutions, which often are based around improving health and wellbeing. Whether it’s to lose weight, join a gym or make a commitment to running every week, it can be difficult to maintain.

Improving your health is key to being a better version of yourself. When you feel good on the inside, naturally you become a happier person!

Here are 5 simple tips to improve your overall health, and keep it up!

Set yourself up for success with your new year’s resolution.

1 Get a good night’s sleep!

This is sitting at the top of our list for a reason. We all know those people that can fall asleep at the drop of the hat. If you aren’t a good sleeper, there are ways to increase your quality of sleep, including using meditation and yoga techniques and controlled breathing. Relaxation techniques can make a huge difference in getting to sleep quicker, and gaining skills on how to relax when you can’t sleep. Research has also shown that if you avoid bright lights before you go to bed, you will indulge in a better night’s sleep!

TIP: Place a pen and paper on your bedside table. If you’re a stress head and an over-thinker, often when you’re attempting to get to sleep many thoughts will pop up! Pull them out of your brain, and jot them down on a piece of paper and deal with it in the morning…..after a good night’s sleep!

2. Exercise every single day.

The benefits of exercising for your overall health and wellbeing are endless!

Would you like more energy in the day? Increased circulation? Natural endorphins? Weight loss? Increased fitness? To be stronger?

If the answer is yes, all you have to do is start exercising, it’s that simple. These benefits are achieved over time with consistency and commitment.

TIP: Find a form of exercise you enjoy! Whether it’s tennis, running, walking the dog or playing basketball, you’ll have greater success at sticking to a good exercise regime.

3. Maintain positive relationships with friends and family.

Health is a holistic word for both mental and physical health and wellbeing, and a big part of maintaining positive mental health is having a support network of friends and family around you – that you also support back! You may have heard that people who have strong and close relationships with others, tend to live for longer. Some research even says that being lonely is worse than smoking 15 cigarettes a day! And let’s face it, life’s so much better with amazing people in it. Life Hack!

4. Get a gym buddy.

There is no denying that staying motivated at the gym can be a difficult task! Especially when it’s really hot outside or the complete opposite. Get yourself a gym buddy!

But what traits make the perfect gym buddy?

  • Someone who will encourage you to push yourself harder.
  • Someone who will keep an eye on your technique and let you know if you form could be better.
  • Someone who shows up!
  • Someone that you enjoy spending time with.

The perfect gym buddy can be hard to find but a good place to start is finding someone who shares the same goals as you! Start at your workplace, local sporting club, asking friends and even your partner.

5. Start swapping!

Make some small changes to your diet! You don’t have to change your whole lifestyle, just make better and healthier choices.

Like swapping out white bread for a healthier option, think high fibre which will keep you fuller for longer than other unhealthier options. This will also put a pause on snacking.

Here are some other things that you can swap!

  • Swap out sugary drinks for a big glass of water, or sparkling water.
  • Swap out unhealthy snack food like chips and biscuits for fruit and nuts.
  • Eat leaner meat like chicken rather than pork and lamb.

The House of Wellness has plenty of advice when it comes to eating healthy and fuelling your body with the right sorts of food! Visit 28 by Sam Wood for a heap of recipes and advice.

The benefits of making healthy swaps are endless and can be a contributing factor to weight loss and other health and wellbeing improvements.

Begin your better health journey, and see where it can take you!