Information for HCi approved providers

Information for approved health providers.


Info for providers

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Provider terms & conditions

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HCi Hospital arrangements

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What is access gap cover?

All HCi hospital cover includes our Access Gap Cover at no extra charge, helping to reduce or eliminate Out-Of-Pocket (Gap Costs) between the Commonwealth Medicare Benefits Schedule fee and the doctor’s charge for in-hospital medical treatment.

If your doctor agrees to treat you under Access Gap Cover, you will either have no out-of-pocket expenses or you will know the amount of any out of pocket expenses before your hospital treatment.


General FAQs

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// Mobile App

HCi App

The new HCi phone app allows you to easily claim through the use of your smart phone.

Download the app and, when you have to claim, simply take a photo of your service provider’s receipts. Your claim will then be submitted electronically.