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What is a health cover authority?

January 2023

HCi members can choose to give account access or a health cover authority to another adult at any time.

So health cover authority (also called partner authority, membership authority or nominating an authorised person) is available to you as an HCi member, but what is it and does it offer you any benefits?

What is a health cover authority?

In simple terms, it means giving someone else the authority to view and manage your HCi membership.

So, for instance, the other person could make an annual student declaration or change the bank account to receive claim payments. It can be handy for sharing the administration of your health cover, or if the member is somehow restricted from managing their account online or for themselves.

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Who can I nominate for health cover authority?

Anyone over 18 that you nominate can have account authority. Your nomination must be signed by you and include the authorised person’s details including their email address.

The most common reasons for adding a health cover authority are to give access to:

  • a spouse or partner
  • a parent for a child-only or young adult policy
  • the adult child of an elderly member disinterested in online processes

Do any limits apply to the authorised person?

They can’t cancel the cover nor add/remove anyone (with the exception of themself if a member) from the cover. Otherwise, the authorised person can do anything for the membership that you can. As the primary member, though, you remain responsible for the account and the actions of any authorised person.

If you want someone to have full control of your HCi membership, speak to your lawyer about a Power of Attorney arrangement.

Should I give authority to someone?

That is totally up to you, your circumstances and your comfort with the risks and benefits of giving health cover authority.

There can certainly be convenience in having someone else able to help you directly, but you will be giving that person access to your claims history and other information as well as the power to make changes. You may find alternative ways to reach your goals, for example setting up a direct debit or enabling separate claim payment arrangements for others on your membership.

Can I change my mind?

Yes! You can cancel or change your health cover authority at any time via our account access nomination form.

How do I set up a health cover authority for my membership?

That’s easy! Just download our account access nomination form, fill it in and send it back to us!

If you haven’t yet joined HCi, you can nominate an authorised person (or partner authority) to have access your membership via the membership application.


HCi used its best endeavours to ensure this information was accurate at the time of publication. From time to time, circumstances relating to the subject matter may change which may impact the accuracy of the information. This information is also general in nature and does not take into account any specific health or financial situation. Before making any decisions in relation to this information, you should consider your own financial and health situation and seek professional advice. Health Care Insurance Ltd ABN 43 009 579 088. A Registered Private Health Insurer.

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