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Adding children to your HCi cover

12 February 2024

Adding a child to your family is exciting, but don’t forget to add them to your HCi cover as well!

HCi welcomes children to your cover…


If your policy covers just you or just you and a partner, you will need to contact us to upgrade to a parent or family policy from the date you get a dependant.

If you already have a parent or family policy, you can add any new children by contacting us.

And of course, when we say family cover, we include single parents, de facto and married parents. 


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How do I add my child?

First, do you have family cover? If not…

Once you have family cover…

Adding  new baby

Letting us know within 2 months of the child’s birth means there will be no waiting periods.

Adopting a child


Otherwise adding a child

(fostering, blended families)

HCi used its best endeavours to ensure this information was accurate at the time of publication. From time to time, circumstances relating to the subject matter may change which may impact the accuracy of the information. This information is also general in nature and does not take into account any specific health or financial situation. Before making any decisions in relation to this information, you should consider your own financial and health situation and seek professional advice. Health Care Insurance Ltd ABN 43 009 579 088. A Registered Private Health Insurer.

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