Dental Recycling Hub Launched

Aug 31, 2021Community, HCi news

Dental Recycling Hub Launched at Burnie’s local HCi store

HCi has today launched a free dental product recycling program located at their head office, 25 Cattley Street, Burnie.

The HCi dental recycling hub is a free collection point for recyclable dental care products and packaging. It is somewhere HCi members, as well as the general community, can drop their toothbrush, toothpaste tubes, caps and toothbrush items to be recycled.

Many regular, kerb side recycling programs do not accept recyclable dental products. Recognising this problem, HCi has set up a local hub for the collection of recyclable toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, caps and toothbrush packaging. Once collected HCi sends these items off to be recycled for reuse as things such as park benches, children’s play equipment and raised garden beds.

HCi’s Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Wade, said “As a health insurer, we already understand the importance of good dental health, so we’re delighted to be able to be able to do our bit towards contributing to the health of the planet. By facilitating this free local drop off point, we’re ensuring recyclable dental health products can be easily collected, recycled and repurposed in our communities rather than sent to landfill.”

HCi confirmed that everyone, not just existing HCi members, can drop into their Burnie office during business hours to dispose of their recyclable dental products and packaging.

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