COVID-19 update #3

May 7, 2020Community, HCi news

COVID-19 update #3

6 May 2020

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Federal & State

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison continues to focus on testing and tracing for local outbreaks of COVID-19 in preparation for lifting restrictions. The Prime Minister is planning for Australians to return to work with the right controls in place in a COVID-19 safe economy.

As restrictions ease, it is important to remember we are still at risk of the virus re-emerging and we should all maintain social distancing and limit our movement within our region for the time being.

To be confident in lifting restrictions, the Federal Government is encouraging all of us to download the COVIDSafe app. Nearly 5 million Australians have downloaded the app, with 10 million downloads needed for the app to be successful.

As many of us have downloaded the app we are still concerned about the privacy of our data. The Federal Government has drafted legislation with severe penalties for hackers and will put in place protections against the misuse of data by government agencies. We will be sure to watch the passage of this legislation through the parliament with interest.

In Tasmania, after several days of no new cases, the State Government announced it detected two new cases this week. Overall Tasmania has had 223 cases, with 42 active cases and 168 having recovered.

Please remember, if you think might be suffering from any COVID-19 symptoms, advice from the State Government is to contact your GP or the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

North West Tasmania

On the North West Coast, business and social gathering restrictions remain in place. The Premier continues to remind us all to stay at home unless we are required to leave for essential reasons.

On a positive note, big box retailers have re-opened as of Monday the 4th and schools have returned for students who cannot stay at home.

Today, the State Government also announced the recommissioning of the North West Regional Hospital’s maternity ward, ICU, radiation and medical records. The Minister, Sarah Courtney, expects over the next few days that medical ward A, paediatrics, the surgical ward, medical oncology and the spencer clinic will reopen.

HCI Update

Last week we announced the launch of our Gold Hospital cover with $750 excess. This cover has been designed for individuals and families to help them avoid large medical bills and public hospital waiting lists. This is a comprehensive product to ensure you and your family are protected from unexpected accidents or illnesses and give you confidence that you can access the best possible care.

As a member owned and not-for-profit organisation, Health Care Insurance remains focused on delivering value for members. If you would like to join, switch or review your health insurance, please email or call 1800 804 950.

Stay Safe, we’re all in this together.

Kind Regards

Jess Lyons


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