HCI proudly sponsors HOME2WORK Program

Apr 30, 2020Community, Uncategorized

We’re proud to sponsor the Home2Work program, an initiative set up to help conquer isolation while working from home during the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. The program invites people to join the Home2Work community, and gives them the tools to be productive, and know when to switch on and off and stay connected. The program has been developed locally by Energy Health (we love supporting local!) and provides services from a range of health professionals including home exercise, wellness, business mentorship, counselling, yoga, meditation and so much more!

For many of us, our worlds have been turned on their heads, which can lead to feelings of uncertainty, stress and even more serious mental health problems. Self isolating can be just that…isolating! Looking after family members, setting up a home office, social distancing, and looking after your mental health and physical wellbeing is A LOT! But having a supportive and interactive community such as Home2Work is a way to ensure you still maintain work life balance, even if it’s getting into the habit of doing workout routines in your living room.

Here are a couple of our favourite sessions from the Home2Work program


Meta Meditation – A 10 minute reset sure to have you feeling grounded and refreshed by the end.

Mini Movement – When the mid-afternoon slump kicks in, here’s how to fight it! Join Louise for some core work!

The easiest way to access the wonderful world of the Home2Work program is via their Facebook page Home2Work. You will find daily updates, tips and tricks to get you through isolating, as well as guided movement sessions, staying healthy and in a positive mindframe. Check it out for yourself! And if you’re still hungry to know more about the program, here’s a couple of great articles written by the Mercury and Tasmania Times to peruse.