Extras claims


Health Care Insurance App

The new Health Care Insurance phone app allows you to easily claim through the use of your smart phone. Download the app and when you have to claim simply take a photo of the receipts you have been provided by your service provider. You claim will then be submitted electronically. 



Electronic claiming (HICAPS)

HCI members have access to a simple and convenient way to claim benefits. Electronic claiming systems such as HICAPS lets you claim your extras benefit right there, on the spot, after the consultation with your health service provider such as dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, podiatrists and a number of other therapies.

With one swipe of your HCI membership card through an EFTPOS style terminal your health service provider can have the cost of your consultation assessed electronically. Based on your level of cover, entitlements will be authorised on the spot. You will need to pay the difference (if any) between your extras benefit, which HCI pays directly to the practitioner, and the fee charged.

To find a practitioner who uses HCI’s electronic claiming system, you can search using HICAPS link.

If your claims are not processed at the point of treatment through an electronic swipe card system such as HICAPS, you can forward your claims to us by:

Mail to PO Box 931 Burnie, TAS 7320

Fax to 1800 643 969

In person at 25 Cattley Street, Burnie

Email to enquiries@hciltd.com.au

In most cases Extras claims are processed on the day they are received, assuming they include all the necessary information.


Lodging a claim

All accounts and receipts must include the appropriate item number and/or a full description of the services / products being claimed and must be accompanied with a completed claim form.

All services / products must be provided by practitioners who are operating in private practice and who are approved by HCI.

Claims must be lodged within 2 years of the date of service.

Benefit payments are calculated on the date services / products are provided.



Hospital and Medical Claims


Hospital claims

In most cases, when you are discharged from hospital, the hospital staff will forward the account for your hospital treatment direct to HCI. Ask the hospital before you leave.


Medical claims for treatment received whilst in hospital

If you receive bills from your doctor for medical treatment you received whilst in hospital, you must lodge your medical claims at a Medicare office first, before submitting with us.

Please note you cannot claim your out-of-pocket expenses.


Receiving benefit payments

You can receive your benefits by:

Direct Credit

If you have paid the account, your benefit can be paid electronically into your nominated bank account. You will receive separate notification as to the payment details.


If you have paid the account, a cheque will be made payable to you, or if you have not paid the account, a cheque will be made payable to the practitioner who provided the treatment.